Xmas wreath bloom november real 聖誕花環

X'mas Wreath (b-20wa)

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Grab Christmas wreath for coming Xmas! Our natural fresh X'mas wreath is perfect for your door or wall, all the ornaments are natural and decorated with dried flowers, it includes like cotton pom pom and floral decoration. We offer a different size of wreath so able to fit your need!


  • X'mas wreath is decorated with dried flowers and real nature ornaments.
  • Diameter: you could choose 30cm or 40cm.
  • Some of the dried flowers are made inhouse and we're keen to provide 2nd life to the fresh flowers. 
  • Wreath and ornaments are all natural elements, enjoy a environmental friendly X'mas Eve!


  • The photos shown are 40cm X'mas wreath.