Tips to keep your X'mas wreath & tree greenery!


Christmas wreath and X’mas tree is essential element for your amazing holiday, brightening a room with their evergreen boughs and freshening air with their crisp, piney scents. Do ever think how to keep this greenery fresh without wilting? Let’s go with some tips.

Always make the greenery mist

Misting every 1-2 days to your wreath or X’mas tree will keep them properly hydrated so that they will last longer. If your home or atmosphere is very dry, adding a humidifier near the these Christmas decorations can also keep it moist and fresh. Of course, try to avoid misting the dried flower or ribbons otherwise water damage can spoil the look of your decorations.

Try anti-transpirant sprays

Using anti-transpirant spray can help to keep your fresh wreath & tree or other seasonal greenery from losing moisture. This kind of spray is designed to protect plants and can be used to prolong the freshness or vibrancy of cut greenery as well. Spray the plants well before arranging them, coating the leaves, needles and branches from every angle for the best results.

Keep it cool

Cooler air will help to keep you fresh greenery arrangement from drying out, try to avoid putting your wreath or tree near your warmer and position them in direct sunlight.


The more cares you use to preserve your live wreaths, garlands or X’mas tree, the long they will last throughout the holiday season and fresher they will be. With proper care, it will live at least several weeks or even last a month or two which extend your holiday joy longer than your imagine.

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