Sunflowers for Graduation


Sunflower is the perfect flower with symbolism of sunny, tall and proud. It’s a good choice to use for brightening and decorating a home, however, that’s not the whole story, sunflowers have a much broad and varied range of meanings. Let’s walk through some characteristic of this brightening !

Longevity – Sunflowers are themselves a long lasting flower, mostly it can last for at least one week to two weeks in the vase when cut with a proper care.

Fortune & happiness – Sunflowers represent the belief of bringing good luck, it’s believed that sunflowers are the ideal bloom to fill a home with a sense of safety and good fortune.

Healing – Sending a sunflower bouquet to someone from an illness is not only going to raise the spirits, but also represent a strong message of healing and recovery symbolically, you should never underestimate the good that having flowers around the home can do!

Focus & graduation – Sunflower is an ideal choice to sending the encouragement to someone studying for examination or graduation to give a boost.

Are this yellow brightening flower your favourite one? Let send a sunflower bouquet to someone special!

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