Carnation Symbolism 

Different colors of carnations have different meanings. White represents innocent and pure friendship, pink represents young beauty and maternal love, dark red represents warm love for each other, green represents health and vitality, and yellow represents long-term Friendship and gratitude to the mother, red represents the feeling of appreciation and worship.

  1. Respect, love and beauty

Pink carnations represent respect and love, and giving them to the mother symbolizes the beauty and kindness of the mother and her love and respect for the mother. In addition to the mother, she can also give a series of elders such as teachers.

  1. Pure friendship

White carnations represent a sweet and lovely, innocent and pure friendship, which can be given to your friends, girlfriends or sisters, etc., which symbolizes their beauty and kindness, and symbolizes the pure friendship between two people.

  1. Warm love

Dark red carnations represent passionate love and can be given to your lover or wife, symbolizing your passionate love for her, symbolizing love and beauty.

  1. Healthy and full of vitality

Green carnations can be given to patients who need to visit or those who are weak in health, symbolizing their blessings to them and blessing them to be healthy and energetic as soon as possible.


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